Melissa Harris-Perry Spills Some Tell Tale Tea About MSNBC

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Melissa Harris-Perry

Melissa Harris-Perry is a woman you don’t mess with. If you know anything about what now is her “defunct” talk show MHP then you know she’s brash, outspoken and not one to back down or off from folks that “come for her”. I would think that MSNBC would know that better than anyone else.

I’m wrong.

An email sent by Harris-Perry to her staff on February 26th confirmed that there was something rotten inDenmark  at MSNBC. In the email, Harris-Perry charged MSNBC with purposely keeping her off the air and out of the 2016 primary election coverage. She also stated in that email she would not host her show the upcoming weekend.

She made good on her promise. No Melissa on Saturday or Sunday morning

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