17 Signs You’re An Overly Attached Pet Owner

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1. Treats are less about rewarding your pet for their good behavior, and more about bribing them to give you a little more love and attention.

2. You’ve locked them in a room with you as a way to force them to spend time with you. However, this plan always backfires because they end up hanging by the door waiting for you to get over yourself and let them out.

3. You watch them sleep all. the. time.

4. …And have taken pictures of them sleeping.

5. …Okay, maybe even a video if they’re dreaming.

6. You get high-key jealous whenever you have guests over and suddenly your beloved pet couldn’t give a f*ck about you. You just want to scream, I FEED YOU, YOU UNGRATEFUL BITCH.

7. Normal cuddling sessions generally end with your pet trying to leave and you holding onto them for dear life…

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Published by: Geo Gee

I'm a curious one that finds politics, social issues, and diverse progressive solutions interesting. I believe information and education are the most powerful weapons one can arm himself with. Those two dynamics alone open the doors to opportunities. I also subscribe to each one teach one for a better world for all.

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