If You Want To Be A Baller You Have To Be A Shot Caller

Baller: noun – A person with a lot of money. Definition derived from a person with a “ball” or “knot” of paper currency.

Shotcaller: noun – An individual who has earned the status to make decisions impacting their  lives and the lives of others.

The title of this article borrows a couple of words and phrases lifted from the hip hop song “Baller’ by the late Biggie Smalls. The song itself is a declaration from a man who has made it to the position in life where he is financially sound and calls his owns shots. A position everyone of us wants to be but few of us ever get there.  The position of shot caller.

The reason so many of us haven’t achieved shot caller status over our own lives is we’re complacent with the illusion of security. Another reason is we’re simply afraid to take risks.

Shot caller can come in many contexts. No everyone is not going to be a CEO, business owner. star celebrity, athlete or artists. But everyone can position themselves to control the things in their lives that provide happiness. health and financial rewards.

Let’s take jobs and careers as a case study.

Jobs and careers are two things that occupy most human being’s time here on earth. Most of us work 20 -30 years for someone else. We’re reluctant to leave those positions because we feel secure. The recent recession should have awaken us up to a harsh reality. There is no job security as long as we rely on someone or something else to sustain it. As long as someone else is calling the shots they can bench us any time they want. It happens everyday.

That’s why it’s important to have a secondary set of skill sets that you constantly hone. You should also have those skill sets working a plan B. Plan B puts you in the position to be a shot caller. If you are unhappy with your employment status qou and have residual skill sets you’re well equipped to call the shots on what you want to do  to rectify your unrewarding career path.

“Pain is a part of the game when you’re a baller.”

This ideology is applicable to relationships. If you’re in an unhappy relationship it’s time to step up and be a shot caller. Equip yourself to to have your requirements for love and happiness fulfilled by the one you’re with, or go with you plan B. The point is at some point in time you’re going to have to step up and call the shot that will fix things for you.

“Shot callers always have leverage to get what they want”

For my “boyz” that read this and think “laying good pipe makes you a shot caller” – that’s a fallacy that will short circuit when the chips are down. You can grab balls and bass voice for only so long – at some point you’re going to have show the cards you’re holding. If they don’t consist of value, happiness, and health you could find yourself with a key that no longer works.

“Deez women “out cheau” are tired of being f****d, they want to be cared for.

And for the ladies that are getting by on booty hypnotism – you’ll eventually have to show those cards you’re holding close to those nice breasts. If those cards don’t have value, happiness, or health in the mix you could wake up one morning and find your “dawg” in somebody else’s yard.

“It’s a dumb fox that only has one hole to run in”.

If you want more of anything (to be a baller) you can’t be afraid to step into the role of shot caller (take risks). You’ve got to be real and put in a realistic investment. Talk and faux jewelry are cheap props that give way to the simplest of scrutiny.

The trick is  you have to take calculated and researched risks. Know your limitations and work within those limitations to excel beyond them. Weigh the payoff versus the investment. If the payoff is less than the investment – go back to the drawing board.

Don’t hock your house and jeopardize your family’s we’ll being to say, become an author, singer, model, or anything else without a concrete plan . What you should be doing is honing your skills every chance you get  until you get to the point people with money are willing to part with some of that money in return for your skills can produce. Always make sure a lot of folks are willing to pay for what you’re pushing. You want to not only take it to the bank, but be able to get it out too.

Don’t impromptu walk out on your current job to start your own (shot caller) business without putting in the work to make certain the venture you are pursuing  has at least a 75% chance of thriving.  Shot callers always do their homework.

Biggie Smalls was a street level hustler that realized he had a skill set that presented him with a plan B. He capitalized on that skill set and became a major shot caller and big baller.

“Capitalize on what you do best and never let anyone pimp you”

I don’t have to shout out the successful shot callers come ballers that made it big – everybody knows one and and dreams often about being that person.

Well maybe I’ll shout out one successful baller from the past.

Lassie – She was tagged “Boy” and made a boatload of money she couldn’t spend.

I’ve always aspired to mirror my favorite author John Grisham. While my writing cowers in comparison to his I work at it everyday to make it better. And guess what – its getting to the point it is a viable plan B. When folks come to one of my sites and see something that adds value, happiness, or health to their life they become followers. Followers click ads and buy books. Followers tell friends and those friends tell friends. But you have to give them value and not BS. Remember that.

So if you’re feeling enslaved by the conventional model of life its time you figured out how to position yourself to call your own shots.

  1. Write out your plan
  2. Commit
  3. Execute
  4. Work Hard
  5. Continue Honing Your Skills

Don’t neuter or spay your potential.

“I play game in the youngster, as a youngster
Tryin’ to make my money, tryin’ to become a hustler
Finally made the status
Gladys Knight and the Pips
Snoop Dogg ’bout to trip
Catch your grip and then I’ll dip
Making money is a must for me, I gots to have it
Cause you know my lifestyle is like 2Pac’s, it’s just so lavish
Just movin’ on paper; movin’, makin’ and shakin’
Leavin’ fools in a daze, as if, I was a Laker
Break ’em down and shake ’em, pass it off to 2Pac
And let him take a jump shot
Because he gon’ give it all he got” – If There Is Cure I Don’t Want it – 2Pac

Share your shot caller perspectives in the comment section of the blog.


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