A Serenade for All You Wonderful Mothers

Happy Mother’s Day!

You can say what you will about Tupac Shakur’s out of studio activities. Inside the studio the man became one of the greatest musical minds of all times. He can be credited as one of the artists that legitimatized the hip hop genre.One of Tupac’s greatest works is one that stands in stark contrast to what a lot of other hip hop artist pen today. His single “Dear Mama” is a positive testament to female as opposed to a denigrating hodge-podge of words. “Dear Mama” hands down tells the story of a man who loves his mother and appreciates her for everything she did for him.

“Dear Mama” was released on February 21, 1995 as the lead single from Tupac’s third studio album, Me Against the World . The song topped the Billboard Hot Rap Singles chart for five weeks and also peaked at number nine on the Billboard Hot 100. The single was certified Platinum by the RIAA on July 13, 1995.

The song has become a Mother’s Day audio staple world-wide. Anyone who’s had a loving, sacrificing Mother can certainly related to the lyrics and feel the emotions the song ignites.

It’s one song I would like to serenade all the Mothers with on Mother’s Day 2015.

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