10 Reasons Hating Floyd Mayweather Won’t Change The Fact That He’s The Best Ever

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floyd mayweatherFloyd Mayweather is the best boxer ever. Deal with it.

There are probably a million reasons not to like Floyd Mayweather as a person, but Mayweather as a boxer deserves his props and his spot among the best. His boxing skills are unmatched by many. In fact, he might be the best defensive boxer to ever step foot in the ring.

Since the fight ended, I’ve heard complaining from Pacquiao fans. I’ve heard Manny himself make excuses as to why he looked like every other fighter who tangled with Floyd before. My own mother called Floyd a bitch for “running.”

Sorry mom, but Floyd made Pac look silly this weekend. Look, I get it: for almost 19 years he’s been the bad guy. He’s given the world numerous reasons to hate him, but just because you don’t like him, you can’t deny his accomplishments.

Just because you thought Manny would make Floyd…

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