Are You in a Relationship with a Drone?

In the bee hierarchy, the drone is somewhat of a shiftless a male. He does not work, he does not protect. He does not do anything except mate. Yes, the only thing he does is get it on with the female bees, for which he pays an ultimate price.  A plethora of human relationships consists of a drone and a queen with some of the same characteristics as the bee arrangement. While the role drones play in nature works in bee colonies, a drone is the worst partner a woman or man could wind up with.Drone bees share an interesting similarity with their human male facsimiles. Drone bees do not have a Father as many human male drones have a history of absentee Fathers. Now while Mother Nature planned for the drone bee to have no Father, it was not her plan for so many human kids to have absentee Fathers. However, such is a personality trait of many human drones.

Unfortunately, many couples falsely identify their coupling as an intimate commitment of sorts when in reality it is simply a drone and queen bee relationship. The queen bee calls the shots in the colony because she has all the resources. In a human context, the drone exists as a sperm depositor and the female as a depository. The drone deposits its seed repeatedly for the sole purpose of self-gratification. Occasionally the depository reaps a physical uplifting but for the most part when the gig is done, they are left empty of true emotion.

The drone bee dies after mating. “This happens because the drone’s reproductive organs are torn away from its body, whilst the queen flies off, with the drones genitalia attached to her.”

This would sure eliminate the “one drone multiple baby mama scenario” in the human colony.

 The human drone does nothing to add value to the lives he impedes. Yes, there is the fact that a new life sometimes emerges from his promiscuous projectiles, but if he chooses not to acknowledge the responsibilities attached to procreating, that life often times develops with existing voids. The human drone moves on to repeat the same pattern time and time again – the result is many “Baby Mamas”

 Queen bees of the human make-up that have drones in their lives maybe should follow the Queen bee’s lead. At the end of summer, living drones are kicked out of the bee colony to reserve resources. Then go out and get himself or herself a worker bee.

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