In A Surprise To Absolutely No One, Willie Nelson Has Plans To Sell His Own Brand Of Marijuana


(Eric Arnold Photography) (Eric Arnold Photography) It was only a matter of time: Now that recreational marijuana is legal in five U.S. States, Willie Nelson is fulfilling the silent promise his very existence made to his fans, and planning to launch his own line of weed. Please, sit down before you faint dead away from the shock.

Joining the family of his fellow cannabis connoisseur Bob Marley in the ranks of celebrity pot lines, Nelson will not only debut “Willie’s Reserve,” but also has plans for branded bongs and stores as well, reports the Daily Beast.

After the Redheaded Stranger (talk about a nickname perfect for a strain of pot, eh?) let it slip to the Daily Beast’s James Joiner, his public relations rep followed up and provided a bit more information about the upcoming weed brand.

“He wants it to be something that’s reflective of his passion. Ultimately, it’s…

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