11 Signs She’s Not As Chill As You Think

Thought Catalog

The Roommate / Amazon.com. The Roommate / Amazon.com.

1. She asks you to take your shoes off when you walk into her apartment.

She may not impose many rules onto her houseguests, but of the few she does, removing one’s shoes takes priority. She’s always been faintly aware of what this request implies. She’s never considered her staunch refusal to offer so much as a “hello” before demanding her guests take off their shoes to be becoming. And she’s aware that this must stand in stark opposition to her very chill disposition. But then, perhaps that’s just the point: perhaps it’s her (re: my) subconscious’ way of urging these guests to lower all standards and expectations of her, lest they want to leave profoundly disappointed.

2. She’s requested to follow or be friends with most of your friends and family on social media.

There have been four, maybe five, dates and already the texts…

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I'm a curious one that finds politics, social issues, and diverse progressive solutions interesting. I believe information and education are the most powerful weapons one can arm himself with. Those two dynamics alone open the doors to opportunities. I also subscribe to each one teach one for a better world for all.

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