Recap of Fox’s Empire Episode 6 “This is an Ass”


Episode 6 of Fox’s weekly musical drama Empire opened with a bang! It had a little surprise for the fellows that needed a little visual candy as a pre-Valentine’s day treat too.

Lucious invites Cookie to what she believes is going to be a rendezvous with him for a little make up for lost time one on one. The invitation is actually to Lucious and Anika’s marriage announcement part.

Cookie shows up at the gathering dressed to handle a little booty Biz and is taken aback when Lucious escorts her into what appears to be a family meeting. When he announces his plans to marry his girlfriend Anika – the steam races through Cookie’s veins.

Taraji P Henson as Cookie Empire Episode 6

She throws the rose she’s holding at Lucious and stands up. She calls him out about coming by her spot with a rose . I thought she was going to kick somebody’s ass instead she flings the coat she’s wearing open to reveal a blue teddy complete with garters and stockings. Cookie was packing some phatness – Valentine’s Day came early for a lot of her male fans (yes you got a witness here). She turns and storms away from the gathering and before exiting pauses with her back facing the group at the table and delivers to Anika the ultimate quote and shade of the show

 “Oh, and Anika? This is an ass.” 

 She then pulls her coat up to reveal a sexy panty clad derriere and slaps it with her hand before strutting out. The look on Hakeem’s face is priceless. If my mom did something like that the look on my face would be priceless too.

 What behooved to Lucious to pull that move I don’t know – nobody invites their ex-wife who is so down for them she takes a jail ride to their engagement party to the woman they started seeing while the ex was locked up. That’s the stuff keyed cars, busted windows and ass whippings are made of. Cookie is not done with this- they haven’t “seen the last of her ass” on this one.

 Jamal and Michael are experiencing success issues in this episode and Cookie doesn’t help matters when she encourages Jamal to drop Michael for a partner that’s more conducive to his career. She thinks Michael is just a cute face and takes a dim view of his aspirations to be a Chef.

“I hope one day you find a partner that’s on your same level. Somebody that can bring something to the table beside some damn food.” 

 Jamal adds more tension to the situation when in an interview with a radio personality to promote his new song, he denies that there is anyone special in his life. Given it was lie so he wouldn’t chase of potential female fans, Michael saw the interview and the look on his face was not one of understanding.

To further complicate matters for Jamal – Raven Symone shows up at Empire in the role of Jamal’s old girlfriend. She has a child she says is his.

 This curve ball from the writers added a very interesting twist to the show. Jamal is clearly gay. At what time did he detour from his affinity to men to get with a woman? Is this baby momma come lately lying? Why is she just showing up years after the child was born?

This one has a lot of probables and I’m not going to attempt to guess where the writers go with this one.

In a past recap,  I told you the cops would come back to Lucious about the murder of Bunky. They did. This time they were rambling through his trash. This forced Lucious to admit to Vernon that he killed his lifetime friend (and Cookie’s cousin) Bunky. Vernon wasn’t happy at all that he wasn’t told earlier about this. He thinks Andrea who gave the cops an alibi for Lucious (not knowing that Lucious had really killed Bunky) held out on him and confronts him – complete with a chokehold.

Vernon chocking Andrea on Fox’s Empire

The writers of Empire must have read my episode 5 recap, In that recap, I talked about how the (Uncle) Vernon character was pretty much irrelevant and sort of just hung around. In this episode he damn near takes center stage.

After finding out the truth about Lucious killing Bunky Vernon takes charge of the situation by first hiring a security firm to handle security for Empire and then working his street connections to come up with a dude to cop to killing the drunk that witnessed Lucious killing Bunky. The patsy is paid to cop to something he didn’t do which makes me believe that after the money is in the bank this could backfire.

 Lesson: Never trust anyone you can buy – someone can always up the ante get them to turn on you. That’s the reason very few prostitutes have husbands or boyfriends.

 The Security move by Vernon brought Dereck Luke to the cast of Fox’s #1 drama playing the role of head of Security for Empire. Judging by eye play and flirting between him and Cookie during their first meeting I’d say don’t be surprised if that blue teddy shows up in another episode.

Dereck Luke on Fox’s Empire

Hakeem is feeling the pain from knowing another woman beat his time with Tiana. He’s drinking and is a bit messed up knowing his chick has a side chick.

Question to the male readers. What would make you feel worse – to find out another man was beating your time or another woman was beating your time with your woman. I would feel worse if it were a man.

Speaking of Hakeem and drinking. He showed up with bottle in hand at club Leviticus where Cookie and Jamal were working the A list to promote Jamal’s single. He begs Jamal to help him with his project and at the same time makes the cardinal mistake of disrespecting his Mom (Cookie) one time too many. Jamal blows him out about disrespecting Cookie and let’s him know he thinks he’s been using him.

Courtney Love made her debut on Fox’s # 1 drama as fallen A-list pop star Elle Dallas, who, under the management of Cookie begins to fight her way out of the grip of drugs to give her career a comeback. Elle could play a pivotal part in Empire’s future if she can climb back to the top grade performer and singer she once was.

Courtney Love as Elle Dallas on Empire

 In case you’re not looking past the surface drama – check this. Cookie is  building her own stable of future chart toppers. There is Jamal. Who can bring it when he is inspired. There is Tiana who can bring it, swing it, and knock it out of the park. And now Elle Dallas, who, by the way is not a hip hop artist. Cookie is diversifying her talent portfolio so to speak. Now compare that to who’s in Lucious’ pool of talent. At last check he only had Hakeem. Hakeem is as shaky as a shack during an earthquake when it comes to hard work. Cookie just may come out the money maker in all of this.

Lucious’ ALS is getting worse. He and Anika solicit the services of a doctor that has  an experimental drug they hope will help. A glimpse of the preview trailer from Episode 7 shows the drug had some unintended consequences.

Lucious Having an ALS Attack

 All in all Episode 6 was a pick me up from Episode 5 . This episode’s plot had a lot of twist and turns and two major surprises that few saw coming. If Episode 7 continues the fast changing drama and adrenaline pumping plot lines it will be one captive hour.

Sidebar Notes and Thoughts.

Cookie continues to excel as the series  premium protagonist. Taraji P. Henson is putting in an award winning performance.

Uncle Vernon has arrived. Malik Yoba capitalized off of the stepped-up role Vernon was given in this episode and bought Vernon from the backburner to the front burner.

Hakeem looks like he might be headed toward being derailed by the same demons Cookie is working to free Elle Dallas from – drugs and/or alcohol. I’m noticing Hakeem has a bottle in his hand more often than not. All party and no work makes Jack a has been – if the money don’t stop you the effects of consumption eventually will.

Anika is was noticeably reticent behind Cookie putting Lucious’ rose enhanced booty call. I’m going to write her cool reaction off to a bougie calculating mind. She doesn’t want to blow the opportunity to have millions behind a piece of ass that her man already has had anyway. A piece of ass by the way, that scares the hell out of Anika.

Jamal a daddy? Who knew? It’s going to be interesting to hear Raven as baby momma explain this one.

Elle Dallas in the bullpen with a bunch of hip hop artist is a twist that’s going to have us all rooting for her and Cookie.

And before I go here is a peep at Episode 7.







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