Hasbro To Ship Monopoly Games with Real Cash Inside

Monopoly Real Money

To commemorate 80 years of its popular  Monopoly game, Hasbro has tucked real money into 80 game sets to be sold in France. While the amount of cash in the boxes will vary – one game set will be filled with the real cash equivalent ($23,500) of the Monopoly bank.

Expect Monopoly games to be displayed behind glass, lock, and key.

Finding the games with real loot inside won’t be easy.  Hasbro is putting a sticker on 30,000 boxes of the game to announce that they might contain real cash. only one game box will include the equivalent of about $23,500, the 79 others will include hundreds of euros mixed in with the colorful Monopoly money.

Hasbro France Brand Manager Florence Gaillard tells Agence France-Presse that people seeking out games that contain the real loot  could look for two possible hints: The real cash gives the Monopoly boxes a different weight, and it also makes the box bulge a bit.

Chronic lottery players may be prone to chase these odds. Monopoly games go for around 28.00 in the states. I’m curious as to how many people are going approach the possibility of landing a big score by buying games as they would lottery tickets.

While cash loaded games won’t be distributed in the US  Hasbro distribute a special 80th-anniversary edition that includes a range of game tokens such as a lantern (1930s), cannon (1950s) and bathtub (1940s). Its a special edition that will be valuable to our fifth or sixt generation offspring.

If you’re in France and plan to chase the real loot – good luck and have a Park Place kind of time.




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