#YouOKSis is More Than A Social Media Hashtag

Black Twitter isn’t always about mocking or ridiculing and #YouOKSis is a testament to that. Started by feminist activist Feminista Jones, the hashtag underscores  grave tribulations faced by women such as street harassment. The hashtag has also spawned conversations that in turn has led to solutions women troubled and threatened by street harassment. The hashtag #YouOkSis plays a large part in broadening awareness about the perils faced by women simply walking down the street.

As a Father and Black Man I applaud any movement and effort that results in a better quality of life for a context of women that already have plates laden with unfair challenges and biased stereotypes. Their voices are often dismissed and cries go unheard amidst a society whose focus has been whitewashed by corporate based media content that is influenced by dollars and decisions instead of empathy and reality.

#YouOKSis can serve as a social media activism blueprint on the power and respect social media can wield when concerned energies and efforts are collectively merged and focused on the serious resolve of a pressing issue.

Are we going to see a #YouOkBro hashtag take on the recent plight Black Men are facing in the streets with police? Hmm.. it might not be a bad idea.

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