The Rebound Girl Blasts The Addiction to The Ex’s “Crack” Stranglehold

Warning. This post contains Adult language and the racial epithet beginning with the letter “N”. The content of the post contains sexual contexts and is written for mature readers.

Solitude is the devil’s playground and the mind is his jungle gym of choice.

After the divorce, it took three years for some of the smoke to clear enough for me to see my way into a first date. She was a gorgeous lady that is a dead ringer for Yolanda Adams. I’ll refer to her as “A” in this post. “A”  was sweet, understanding, ambitious, loving, and unfortunately the rebound girl.

Rebound girls face a stacked deck. They’re often times walking into an emotional room where the previous heels haven’t completely vacated. They subject themselves to playing the roles of friend, counselor, therapist, and if the relationship last long enough, they step into the role of lover. They attempt to fill shoes that often times aren’t completely empty.

“A” had stepped squarely into somebody else’s shit with her Prada heels.

That’s why my relationship with “A” was as rocky as a ride on a cocobblestone street. I wasn’t over her predecessor. Her predecessor was still flowing through my veins with my blood . “A” couldn’t do or say anything right because she wasn’t the former Ms. right. Some people will call this crazy – totally fuck over a perfectly good woman because a totally bad woman fucked over you. It’s not crazy and the intention was never to fuck over “A”. I just didn’t want her around because she wasn’t the one still in my system. I had no ambition or energy for “A”. She tried to get me into some different fashions. You already know how that went. My style was good enough for ***** who the fuck are you not to like them? A was an awesome kisser – kissed with passion and fire, really put herself into communicating with every corner of my mouth. I didn’t like it because – you already know- it wasn’t like the one before that barely shared her tongue when she kissed.

She had a body with better curves than any professional road course and of course that Yolanda Adams mug was icing on the cake. She had her own place, made her own money, had her own ride, she had it like that.

“A” knew what the problem was- hell she used to urge me to talk about it. One evening “A” pulled out all stops, and re-upped . She said to me “How was this bitch in bed?”

I attempted to sidestep the question by telling “A” I didn’t think it was appropriate to talk about that.

“Look, it’s got to be the pussy that’s got you. I can’t do shit right so I figure if you tell me what this bitch did so well in the bed, I can do better. I may not  do a lot of things better than her, but I bet I can out fuck her ass.

Tell me how she did whatever it was she did and let me get within two inches of your **** and that bitch will be a distant thought when I’m done. I’m tired of this shit.”

She was relentless – so I told her some of her predecessors moves and skills.

“So you had a little freak bitch? Ain’t nothing wrong with that but the downside is they can screw your head up for the next one. You think about them doing all that freaky stuff with someone else and you get all screwed up. Then you want some more of it – but you know its not good for you because her ass isn’t good for you. I had a dude get hung on me behind that one time. Well let me hit you with some truth man – anything she did I and any other woman out here with the mind and will to do so can do better. And speaking for myself – I’ll do it better because I care about you and want to show you how much I care.”

“So what’s it going to be man, me or the TV?”

That spill blew me away. A jumped me, humped me, bit me, leg locked me, nibbled me, and anything else she could come up with. During the first encounter with her somewhere into it she said something I’ll never forget. “Some folks pray problems away, I’m going to fuck this one away”. And she did just that.

Her predecessor got wind of it and called me one day. She said she was in the area of my job and wanted to drop by for lunch.


She dropped by too, wearing the shortest shorts I’d ever seen her in. My interest for “A” went out the window – I didn’t want to be bothered with her. I wanted to be bothered with those caramel colored thighs that were on display. That’s when I realized A was right about the root of my problem. The ex was in my head and was keeping me hooked mentally using a drug I was supplying myself. The drug of desire.

“So the bitch hit you with the shorts huh? Been there done that and it works. I’ll be over in about thirty minutes. Don’t slip up and run over to the bitch’s crib..I got something to show you” “A” hung up.

About thirty minutes later “A” walked through my patio door in the shortest shorts I’d ever seen anybody wearing along with some black 5 inch heels.

“Sit down man, I’ll be right back” She continued to walk through the house and went in the bathroom. I feeling like something is about to bust – heart rate sped up, breathing increased, pupils had to be dilated. Know what I mean?

“A” reappeared in a black negligee that barely hid her jiggling 44Ds .

“You like?” She twirled around giving me a flash of black lace covered ample derrière.

“I love” I blurted out.

She came over to the sofa and sat on my lap.

“Look. You’re a wonderful man and I’m falling for you. I wouldn’t be doing this shit If I didn’t care about you.”

“I’m willing to do anything you need to build something for us – but you got to get off the crack.”

“Crack, who the fuck’s on crack? I’m not on crack you know I don’t do drugs.”

“Oh you’re on crack. You have a problem keeping that last bitch’s cunt crack, ass crack , mouth crack and any other crack she formed off your mind. You go to sleep thinking about that crack. You get up thinking about that crack.”

“Even when you  know she’s spreading that ill nana around like butter on toast – giving up pussy through both draw legs – you want you some. That’s crack head tendencies man. I can fix that – as long as you don’t relapse. “


“Sleep with her ass again. You see if you do that then we gotta start over again and man I ain’t starting over again behind some bitch that didn’t want you then and don’t want you now. Make no mistake about it, you’re coming off a bad crack habit. ”

“Damn “A” that’s cold”

“That’s a fact. And you need to swallow a good spoonful of that medicine. She ain’t going to be fucking around in something I’m invested in. I don’t fuck random niggers for cheap thrills so when I give this up like I did to you, I’m serious and I need to know that the nigger that’s running up in me is serious. If not – I got a rod and batteries at home minus the bullshit. So what’s it going to be? Me, the ho bitch, or the TV?”

I turned off the TV. Shots coming by the way of rebounds have won thousands of contests.

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I'm a curious one that finds politics, social issues, and diverse progressive solutions interesting. I believe information and education are the most powerful weapons one can arm himself with. Those two dynamics alone open the doors to opportunities. I also subscribe to each one teach one for a better world for all.

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