Lessons Learned From a $700.00 Date

Fancy Restaurant Skip out

Anyone who has ever seriously dated has at some point in time putout a respectable amount of paper to give the person they are dating  a rewarding experience. “Respectable amount of paper” is subjective to the income level of the one treating of course. The point is at some point in serious dating, there are times when we pull out all the stops.

The name Dede Damati showed on the Internet cross hairs in December attached to a story about some guys that left her and a girlfriend holding a $700.00 tab. According to Dede , the dudes split without paying anything. The dudes are disputing that .

@Realbenjo referred to Dede and her friends as “gold-digging hoes,” who tried to “dig ma pockets.” It’s unclear, but he also may have implied that he and his friends paid for their portion of the bill and then took off without paying the rest.

One of Dede’s friends who was also there, a woman named L’Oreal, stepped up to cosign her version of the story and even revealed that the men in question only put $50 on the table for the dinner.

Fifty-dollars on a seven-hundred dollar tab?

Ladies don’t let your sons grow up to be fake flexers.

Ms Demati took to twitter and outed the fellows by putting her version of the egregious date on blast.

Dede Damati tweet2
By all intents and purposes substantiated by certain adverbs in the tweet, Dede and her pals appears to be high-end octane. “Only $700.00” indicates to me if you don’t have a grand or more to fund the evening, Dede and her pals are going to keep it moving. And I’m alright with that. It sounds like they might have some standards albeit some materialistic ones.

The first lesson from this post goes out to all my “dawgs” . This is the kind of situation “fake flexing” will get you in . The reality is there are some folks out there that we can’t afford and that’s just life.

Then too fellows if you aren’t fake flexing and really laying out some paper like this on the first date to make the lady feel obligated to knock the boots, there will be times when you’ll be writing off a loss. There are some women that hold firm to their values and can’t be bought off like the street corner prostitute.

The second lesson goes out to the ladies “beware of false pretenders”. If money is driving your interest in men, expect some experiences similar to Dede and her friends to fall your way.

Dads don’t let your little girls grow up to be gold-diggers.

I would love to hear from some readers in the comment section about just what they think about “only $700.00” being mentioned as if it were only a $2.00 tab.

Guys, what’s your spending limit on the first date?

Whatever you do, just don’t wind up on Twitter blast because you weren’t on the level.


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I'm a curious one that finds politics, social issues, and diverse progressive solutions interesting. I believe information and education are the most powerful weapons one can arm himself with. Those two dynamics alone open the doors to opportunities. I also subscribe to each one teach one for a better world for all.

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