Top 10 Gifts a Man Can Give a Woman He’s Getting to Know

Holidays that involve gift giving never coincide with blossoming relationships between those that are getting to know each other. To be sure, holidays where it is sociably correct to give and receive gifts can be a source of frustration for some of us that know someone just enough to like them, but not well enough to assume a gift from the normal channels would be to their liking. I’ve been confronted in the past with having to select a gift for a lady I’d known a short time, yet long enough to want to give her a token of appreciation in return for her investment in me, What I’ve found is that a deviation away from the run of the mill selections work best. Here are 10 suggestions that won’t make you look stupid, she won’t return, and depending upon the individual flair you add, will set you apart from the run of the mill bunch.

1. Pay her next month’s rent, vehicle or mortgage note. Gift-wrap the receipt in a nice tidy box and present it to her on gift-giving day.

2. What have you heard her complain about most? Car window won’t work? Have it fixed. Is she going to paint that basement one day? Have it painted for her or better yet do it yourself. Does she wish she could afford to take that class that would get her that promotion? Pay for the classes. Satisfying some concern by taking care of it is sometimes one of the best gifts you could give a lady.

3. If you are still on a casual but exclusive level, treat her to her favorite restaurant and be sure she gets one of their menus to take home.

4. Buck Social taboos. If she smokes (anything), give her a case to hold her inflammables – engraved with her initials. There are few things classier than a woman who smokes extracting a cig from a case with manicured fingers.

5. Steal her vehicle – just be sure to return it professionally detailed before she can call the cops. Throw in a set of tires and rims “if you got it like that”.

6. If she has kids – give her gift certificates to – ToysRUs (small kids), Best Buy or Apple Store (teens).

7. Give her a gift certificate to a spa for the full treatment.

8. Treat her to overnight Bed and Breakfast lodging. On the first night before she goes to bed, give her a complete hot oil -vibrator enhanced foot and calf massage – at the conclusion present her with a gift certificate to her favorite shoe store. On the morning of the holiday, make sure she awakes to fresh flowers with a handwritten note from you, and her favorite music loaded to her personal listening device. After she has had breakfast give her another handwritten note hinting where she can find the next hand written note that will eventually lead to that piece of jewelry (or whatever) you want her to have as a gift. Make sure you “scavenger” hunt takes you through environments conducive to romantic enhancement such as parks, a couple of her favorite places, and a couple of yours. She will have quite a story to tell about how her “crazy wonderful friend” did gift giving.

9. Prepare a holiday dinner at your place and invite her over. You serve, you both eat, (under candlelight) and along with dessert you present her gift to her.

10. Take her on a holiday trip to another city. It doesn’t have to be abroad. Maybe it’s a city she has always wanted to see and it’s not that far away. Cities are quiet by nature on holidays and that enhances the intimacy between two first time visitors. A drive to one also provides intimate quiet time and awesome sight seeing opportunities. Make it an overnight event.

These are only 10 of an endless number of personal options that men have at their disposal when it comes to giving back to that special woman during a holiday season. Feel free to add to the list in the comment section.

One thought on “Top 10 Gifts a Man Can Give a Woman He’s Getting to Know”

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