Five Bar Tricks That Will Win You Free Drinks

Whether you’re looking to make a statement at a holiday party, break the ice with a fellow bar drinker or simply win some free drinks – nothing works better than a few clever bar tricks. Here is five that will get you some social attention.

Make Liquor Rise From Bottom to Top Through A Card Separating Two Glasses

You Can Drink Three Shots Before They Can Drink One 

This one is  a never-fail, sure way of winning a free drink. The challenge is as pictured. “Bet I can finish these 3 drinks before you can finish your 1 shot.”
“Rules: You can’t touch your shot until I start my second glass and you can never touch any of my glasses.” Wish them good luck and remind them that its between you and him or her.

Secret: You casually finish your first glass and place it over top of their shot glass… upside down!! You win – “Cheers!” Now get them to go and get you that drink.

Drink From an Unopened Bottle

This one requires only a crafty play on words, an unopened bottle of most any beverage, and a sucker with some money.

Then there is this.

A guy sitting beside me at a roadhouse bar tells me he’ll bet me two hundred dollars that he can take his wacker out and pee on the bar and not only will the bartender not get mad he’ll clean up the mess and give him another drink.

I ask the bartender if he knows this guy. The bartender said it was the first time he’d seen him in the bar.

Okay – this is going to be an easy two hundred – and I’ll bitchslap this dude if he tries to weasel out of paying before the cops pick him up for indecent exposure. I tell the guy he’s on.

He stands up, unzips his pants, wiggles out a rather long wacker and commences to pissing on the bar, the bar stool and the floor. I’m watching the bartender watching him with a look of displeasure on his face.

To my surprise the bartender produced a pail of soapy water with a cloth and cleaned off the bar and the bar stool, then came out with a mop and cleaned up the floor. After all of that he made the guy a drink and told him, “don’t do that again”.

I had the sinking feeling of one giving up two Benjamins behind a bar bet. I asked him why the bartender wasn’t upset.

He said “I bet the bartender $50.00  I could piss in that glass that was sitting in front of me on the bar without getting a drop on the bar floor or anywhere else. If any piss got on the bar I’d give him $50.00 and all I would need was a drink refill”.

SMDH – Didn’t see that one coming!

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