Police Now Requiring A Pre-employment Virginity Test For New Recruits

There are  pre-employment drug tests, psychological tests, physical tests, and now we learn that a Police agency is performing virginity tests on new female recruits.

Just as Indonesia tries to increase the number of women serving in its police force, a new report has finally revealed a 50-year-old practice that will certainly rub (no pun intended) some women the wrong way. New recruits are given a vaginal exam to detect if they are virgins.

“Help Wanted. F*****s need not apply.

Reports say female police recruits are led into a room, in pairs, where a female doctor inserts two fingers into their vaginas to perform what is billed as a reproductive-health test aimed at detecting disease. The test, however, bears little resemblance to an actual medical exam.

And just what quantifying catalyst does sticking two fingers in a woman’s vagina use to determine if said female is a virgin? Last time I checked vaginas come in all sizes. And what if the woman is a virgin but has been pleasing herself with one of these galactic starship looking devices I’ve seen for sale?

“I’m sorry Ms. Mercedes Bends Ova. You failed the virginity test, we won’t be able to use you on this police force. Now would you kindly retrieve my wrist watch from your cootchie and give it to me?” “I don’t care what you stuck up there – it’s been penetrated! Next!”

The Indonesia authorities actually explain the reasoning for the test with a straight face.

Their justification is that they’re looking for women”with good morals — not sex workers or those involved in pre-marital sex.”

So that’s what’s wrong with the world? Ah ha! All these women folk running around having out of wedlock sex and prostitutes with these decrepit morals and values. Never mind the whoring ass men that are knocking down anybody that’ll drop down and open up – guess that’s okay.

Really now. If I have to deal with a police officer, I prefer mine coming off of some mind-bending love making with a full stomach and compassionate heart. It would also help if said officer is female, cute, with a penchant for tall bald guys.

Andreas Harsano, an Indonesian journalist and researcher who unveiled the practice in a report for Human Rights Watch talked about this on PRI’s The World .

Then there is Brazil that apparently feels virgin cootchie is somehow linked to education.

Coming in the near future – cootchie check required before reading Nouveau Perspectives.

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