What does Obama’s mother-in-law do all day in the White House?

Answer by Dan Holliday:

Michelle Obama has been — quite possibly — the strictest First Lady in modern history in protecting the privacy of the First Family.  No one but the closest friends and family are invited into the Executive Residence of the White House (2nd floor & 3rd floor — but that’s a misnomer by American standards [but not by British standards], they are actually the 3rd and the 4th floors).

The First Family is incredibly private.  No interviews or cameras are ever permitted into the Residence.  No details are leaked.  It’s possibly one of the best kept secrets in DC.  So few people are allowed to see any details of the Obama Residence that there are almost no pictures of them up there.  that’s because Michelle Obama has insisted on a “normal childhood” for their daughters.

What has been said is that Marian Robinson (Michelle’s mother) is a key caregiver for the first daughters.  This makes sense.  While — yes — the First Lady isn’t technically employed, based on the history of the position, she is kept busy most of the day with notable time to spare for being with her children.  Having the First Grandmother there to help keep the children amongst family is a good idea and that’s about all you’re about to know until — at best — they leave the White House.

Dan Holliday’s answer to In the U.S., does the president’s bedroom change when there is a new president, or is it always the same room?

What does Obama’s mother-in-law do all day in the White House?

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