Jody Sport Coat Will Correct The Mistakes You Make With Your Woman

If you can’t get it right with your woman, there is always a man out here willing to correct your mistakes”.

Years ago an older drinking buddy of mine hipped me to Jody Sportcoat. It was a hot humid summer night and we were sitting on the porch of a rooming house in Southeast Washington D.C. We were discussing one of man’s favorite topics – women. I had just revealed to him I’d been seeing a woman I was really feeling – really wanted to lock down. He poured another round of Candian Mist from the long bag that disguised our cheer of choice.

After hearing about my new found lady, “Pops” (as I called him) took a deep swig of the golden liquid, then lit a Salem. He exhaled deeply and blew out a huge plumb of smoke.

“That’s good Georgie Boy. Every man needs a good woman in his life. If she’s good you gotta make sure she knows you know she’s good and take care of her. You gotta treat her right, do right by her, and show her your potential – then deliver on that potential. Don’t be like these fools outchea that get good women and take them for granted. They get women that go the whole nine for ’em and they won’t go an inch for her. Just take her kindness for granted.  You take a woman for granted and you leave the door opened for Jody Sportcoat.

“Jody Sportcoat?” I lit a Newport and took a deep swig of the brown liquid in my red cup.

“Jody Sportcoat is that motherfucker that don’t look nothing like you, don’t act nothing like you and don’t appear to be anything like any MoFo yo woman would go near. Think dude in a checkered sport coat with some buck teeth and highwater pants. Think Bama nigga”

“Jody don’t really know women – but he knows men – he knows they are notorious for fucking up. And fucking over good women. Jody ain’t really a bad dude – but he is an opportunist. He waits in the wings for a solid dude  like you to piss off his woman to the almost point of no return then he strikes. He strikes when she’s feeling neglected hurt forgotten or taken for granted. Jody will listen to a woman – something a lot of men that think they got it on lock won’t do.

Jody don’t make a direct play for the booty. Most of the time he just enjoys her attention like she enjoys his. You ever wonder about these beautiful women running around with these ugly broke MoFos? It’s the same thing thing. They like Jody, appreciate, adore, and value those women. Looks and money runs a distant second to honesty, and raw emotion Georgie-boy.

Dudes that screw over their women think they got what’s called pimp juice – macking. Damn fools. Next thing they know that damn Sportcoat is hanging in thier  closet and those damn two toned peewee Herman shoes are at the side of the bed you supposed to be in with yo woman. Hell his dog even growls at him. And Jody, He all up in yo alley and stuff.”

“No Shit man.”

“You ever see a woman that seemed like she had the perfect husband big ass house, all kinds of jewelries but she fucking with this real bama ass bozo?”


“That’s the sport coat.The sport coat deals with something no amount of money can buy. The sport coat deals with emotions.”

“Men get good women and play on their trust – that makes a mess. Jodie cleans up that mess by playing on her vulnerability. Everybody wants to feel needed man, nobody wants to feel used or be used. The sport coat knows this.”

“Motherfuckers try to charge the sport coat to some ho component in the woman- that ain’t the truth and that ain’t right. A woman is just like you and me – she hurts like us- she has feelings – and man if you can ‘t make those feelings good –  she’ll find someone that can. You can’t charge your fuck up back to yo woman- remember that. So make sure you handle your bizness and treat that woman right. If you don’t man you might come home one night and find a sport coat in your closet that you dn’t remember buying.”


Published by: Geo Gee

I'm a curious one that finds politics, social issues, and diverse progressive solutions interesting. I believe information and education are the most powerful weapons one can arm himself with. Those two dynamics alone open the doors to opportunities. I also subscribe to each one teach one for a better world for all.

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