The Ideal Woman Lies in The Eye of The Beholder

Hawkers and pushers of Madison Avenue’s retouched and  photo-shopped images of beanstalk thin feminine perceptions as the standard of beauty and sexuality are not going to like the fact they’re being debunked. One world renowned designer has stepped out front with a size-blind lingerie ad campaign. 

Designer Calvin Klein ruffled some “slim” feathers November 2014 by  featuring Myla Dalbesio, a size-10 model, alongside straight-size models like Jourdan Dunn and Lara Stone in a new lingerie campaign. The world famous designer never termed Dalbesio “plus-size” or made any reference to her size. The photos were tasteful, beautiful and displayed Klein’s product nicely. Here is the rub everybody misses. Dalbesio is not “thick or plus size” by faux quantifiers of women’s sizes. She is thick and plus size by only the media standards.

The media reports are what got the size debates kicking that lead me to dig up my age-old observation – “Size, like beauty, is best left to the eye of the beholder. It’s high-time that we stopped trying to compartmentalize the beauty of women to a one size fits all genre. It’s also high time we stopped damming one size woman to promote another size woman. Beauty comes in all sizes and shapes – all that have an abundance of admirers globally.

Klein’s model,  Dalbesio went on the Today show to discuss the reactions to the Klein campaign. She said,

“I think that Calvin Klein has done something that’s really groundbreaking, which is they released this campaign with what some would say is a normal-size model, a size 10. And size-10 girls, there’s not a lot of spots for us to fit in in the fashion industry.”

Dalbesio triggers a question that few can answer. “What’s normal? Normal is in the eye of the beholder. It’s not what the media or photo-shopped fashion images suggests it is.

Me? I subscribe to R. Crumbs draft of the ideal woman to a certain extent. The image below implies thick derriere,  curvy waist, round tummy, med breasts and shapely legs. My vision just like any man’s or woman’s is not the end all or be all. The takeaway is, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, none of which should ever be condemned.



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