Diaper Thieves and Fox’s View of Bloggers

A Fox Faux News suit thinks bloggers are jerkoff wannabe journalists. A diaper thief is arrested. Could he have a diaper fetish? New Nation host Tamron Hall was blushing after a colorful comment by a guest. And the Republicans are in the driver’s seat in Congress. 

So the head honcho over at Fox News thinks bloggers are jerk offs.

Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes says:
“The second some jerk off hits a computer key; he thinks he’s a journalist. These clowns put out stuff every day to damage people.”

I shouldn’t have any problem finding an endless list of bloggers that would agree with me when I say “The second some of these jerk offs working for some of these alleged news entities get in front of a camera they think they’re journalists. Some of the reports they come up with are nothing short of junk”.

Now for a network that can piss off as many folks as it manages to court, Fox manages to remain in the news delivery business even though some of what they delivery can hardly be considered news. Fox has been caught lying, cheating and outright fabricating content.

Fox has manufactured the “war on Christmas”, war on Obama, war on Democrats, war on most anything that doesn’t align with their right wing propaganda ideologies. When it comes reporting on left accentuated issues, if it doesn’t exist Fox will create it if necessary.

Ailes might want to lay off bloggers – most of them have more credibility than his network has truth.

Then on Tamron Hall’s News Nation on Wednesday Democratic strategist, Robertson Zimmerman added a little “flavor” to the commentary regarding Senator Rand Paul. In reference to Paul’s  latest attack on former Secretary of State Hillary.

In reference to Paul’s  latest attack on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Zimmerman said Paul took  “more positions than the Karma Sutra.” The comment seemingly caught Hall of guard who responded with a cheerful tongue in cheek laced laughter and blushed face exit from the conversation.

The 2014 Mid-term elections resulted in the Republican Party gaining control of the House and retaining control of the Senate. Many people are having an “oh S***t” moment when they realize this. Even more people are wondering how they did it.

From the outset of the campaign, Republicans had a simple plan: Do not make mistakes, and make it all about Obama, Obama, Obama. Every new White House crisis would be magnified in a new Republican ad. In addition, every Democratic incumbent would be attacked relentlessly for aligning themselves with the president 97 or 98 or 99 percent of the time. Well the strategy worked. Case closed.

A person has to be a real low-life to steal from needy babies – and to steal their diapers at that. Roderick Phillips a former employee of Captain’s Hope’s Kids was arrested for theft and evading arrest after surveillance footage captured him allegedly stealing $34,000 worth of diapers from the organization.Stealing diapers – that’ll get him the broom, apron, and caution – don’t pick up the soap role in the big house – where he’s headed.

Captain Hope’s Kids distributes over 16,000 diapers per week. They also provide school supplies, recreational activities, and birthday presents for children in need. Their work reached over 44,000 kids in North Texas a year.

But wait … Maybe Phillips could have a diaper fetish… like this guy.

This girl getting snatched off the streets of Germantown PA is troubling. If it is as it appears – an abduction by a total stranger then women and girls need to be extra careful when walking down the street. It’s brazen beyond description when someone snatches a girl in passing, drags her down a public street kicking and screaming, puts her in a car and drives off. Ladies – be careful out there – and all of us need to be aware of what’s going on around us.

Until the next post – keep a sharp perspective.


Published by: Geo Gee

I'm a curious one that finds politics, social issues, and diverse progressive solutions interesting. I believe information and education are the most powerful weapons one can arm himself with. Those two dynamics alone open the doors to opportunities. I also subscribe to each one teach one for a better world for all.

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