Single Mom Shanesha Taylor Back In Court

Shanesha Taylor is the woman that left her kids in the car while she went inside a building for a job interview. This occurred sometimes in March 2014. At the time, Taylor portrayed herself as homeless, jobless and social desitute to the point she couldn’t find a sitter for her kids while she pursued a job.When passerbys noticed Taylor’s two children inside the vehicle on an 80 degree plus day they called authorities. The authorities subsequently arrested Taylor on charges of child abuse.

The arrest evoked widespread responses of sympathy for Taylor, the struggling single Mom that was at wit’s end trying to get a leg up in life.

One sympathetic lady that got wind of Taylor’s story and initiated a fund raising drive to initially raise enough funds to pay Taylor’s $9000.00 bail. That fundraiser collected the 9000.00 and then some topping out at around 115,000.00. The funds wound up being a key stipulation in Taylor’s get out of jail free plea agreement.

The court agreed to let Taylor off the child abuse hook if she agreed to set aside 60,000 of the $115,00.00 in a trust fund for her children. Get out of jail free with some serious cash to boot is a deal unheard of in anybody’s court. Taylor agreed to the deal and America applauded the justice system for correcting someone that made a bad decision in lieu of trying to do good instead of punishing them. Hey, after setting aside the 60 grand. Taylor still would have some 45 grand to do as she pleased with.

Unbelievable as it is, Taylor appears to have messed up that deal by not following through on setting aside the 60 Grand for the children’s trust fund.

On Monday November 3rd The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office filed a motion to reinstate the prosecution of Shanesha Taylor, the job-seeking mother who left her two toddlers in a car during an interview in March, on charges of child abuse.

Prosecutors made the motion after Taylor failed to meet a deadline to deposit $60,000 in a trust fund for her children. Instead, Taylor asked the judge for a decrease in the total amount that she originally agreed to deposit.

Her request leaves me, you and the prosecutors wondering what happened to the more than $114,700 she received from the public fundraiser. Obviously she doesn’t have it all or she wouldn’t have made a trust fund reduction request.

Needless to say (but I will anyway) this news has changed a lot of folks views of Taylor from the poor single mom to a cash squandering winch that doesn’t have her children in her best interest.

Taylor’s continued unemployment has also come under scrutiny. One would think that out of 4000 plus people so freely contributing to a fund for her there would be someone in that mix that would offer her a job. Ann Bishop , the lady that initiated the fundraiser, says she has forwarded several employment opportunities to Taylor. Taylor blames her inability to find a job on the media. She’s says folks that have heard her story are reluctant to hire her.Her attorney Benjamin Taylor also says that’s the reason she can’t find a job.

Back to the money. Where is it?

News One reported that Taylor initially told a judge that the money for the trust fund was in her mother’s account, then switched her story to say that she could provide proof that she only had $35,000.

Taylor is back in court on December 10. If she doesn’t produce the funds or receipts showing good reasons why she doesn’t she faces up to 18 months in jail resulting from reneging on her plea agreement.

Published by: Geo Gee

I'm a curious one that finds politics, social issues, and diverse progressive solutions interesting. I believe information and education are the most powerful weapons one can arm himself with. Those two dynamics alone open the doors to opportunities. I also subscribe to each one teach one for a better world for all.

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