Serena Williams – A Real Rennaissance Woman

With a 2014 record of 46 wins and six losses, 18 Grand Slam wins, 63 singles titles, 22 doubles titles, 6 U.S. Open wins, and two French Open wins, Serena Williams is the Queen of Global tennis. No other athlete in the world dominates their sport on the level that Serena does. She is chocked full of talent athletic prowess and business astuteness. Then top it all off, Serena Williams is drop dead gorgeous on and off the court.

From her website:

Serena Williams embodies style, power, beauty and courage. Like numerous A-list celebrities, Serena is recognized by the mere mention of her first name.

Serena is  the type of woman I can listen to talk all day long because she always has something of substance to say. She handles herself imaculately even when she’s frustrated. Yes, she’s had a few things to say to some line judges that she felt needed eyeglasses, but that’s part of Serena’s charm – she’s got fire inside.

Tony Hogland’s highly controversial  poem “The Change,” spoke for a lot of Tennis’ obscure and politically silent observers when Serena aggressively diversified their sport.

“some tough little European blonde
pitted against that big black girl from Alabama,
cornrowed hair and Zulu bangles on her arms,
some outrageous name like Vondella Aphrodite —

We were just walking past the lounge
and got sucked in by the screen above the bar,
and pretty soon
we started to care about who won,

putting ourselves into each whacked return
as the volleys went back and forth and back
like some contest between
the old world and the new,

and you loved her complicated hair
and her to-hell-with-everybody stare,
and I,
I couldn’t help wanting
the white girl to come out on top,
because she was one of my kind, my tribe,
with her pale eyes and thin lips

and because the black girl was so big
and so black,
so unintimidated,

hitting the ball like she was driving the Emancipation Proclamation
down Abraham Lincoln’s throat,
like she wasn’t asking anyone’s permission.”

No one can dispute that Serena Williams is the face and athlete of modern day tennis. If she never hit another tennis ball after today, she will loom long and large as one of the defacto legends of the sport responsible for elevating the intesity and competiveness of what was once a fairly bland exchange of forehands and backhands between two people.

A search of “Serena Williams” on Google tends to return an almost equal number of images of her scantily attired and camera aims at specific parts of her body as it does images of her at work on the court. I’d be to first to admit she is a very well and seductively sculptured female – definitely a wonder to observe in any attire. I also stop short cosigning the notion and promotions of her for her body and sexuality alone. To promote such distractions would rob her of whom she honestly is. Make no mistake about it Serena Williams is definitely a Rennaissance Woman.


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I'm a curious one that finds politics, social issues, and diverse progressive solutions interesting. I believe information and education are the most powerful weapons one can arm himself with. Those two dynamics alone open the doors to opportunities. I also subscribe to each one teach one for a better world for all.

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