The Street Harassment Video That is Void of Street Harrassement

All right, word to those that want to make a YouTube video to make a point. Make sure you make your point with some sort of validity.

This recent video by this woman walking down the street for 10 hours to bring awareness to Street Harassment encountered by females is few steps short of a sham. This video actually dilutes the crudeness, creepiness and dangerous components that emanate from real street harassment.The video I saw ( the one below) depicts some hellos, a few expletives, and a guy that followed this woman for a while. I guess if you’re from Mayberry USA strange men speaking to you will scare the hell out of you. In the 2000s most women will tell you strange men will speak to you and while not ethical will occasionally let loose an expletive. Not the most respectful way to compliment a lady I certainly agree, but I’d also agree it’s a reach in most cases to tag it harassment.This video serves to discourage well-meaning men from speaking to or complimenting women they encounter on the street. It also leaves those folks that are unaware of real harassment thinking street harassment is not all that bad – when in fact it’s a hundred times worse.

If anyone takes it upon themselves to walk down any city street in America and are going to be bothered by people speaking to them, then they might want to keep their ass home. No, you’re not required to speak back and when you don’t, that should be the end of it. No, you shouldn’t be harassed or called crude names or worse, physically attacked for choosing not to engage a stranger. That’s your right and your choice and it should be respected by letting the encounter be.

Let me be very clear. I acknowledge that in this age chivalry is dead. Respect runs a close second to succumbing to respect’s demise. Yes, women do face some dangerous and cruel encounters from some dud heads running around these mean streets. I acknowledge the fact street harassment exists and escalates to criminal levels every day. It has to stop.

Short misleading self-centered documentaries will only push the real issue to the back burner as people will see the real victims of Street Harassment as crying wolf – or “hit dogs hollerin”.

Cryin wolf is what the video in question did for the most part here. Fool folks once shame on you, fool me twice, that ain’t nice. This ain’t baseball – there is no strike three – which sadly is the strike that is the realest.

Hit dogs hollerin in this context would be people charging street harassment back to the victim because of the way she was dressed or because she chose not to engage some asshole with bad manners and a dangerous demeanor.Bad behavior and manners should never be charged back to the woman – she has no control of whatever make-up made the men she encounters.

Men need to stop this abusive and barbaric approach to getting a woman’s attention. If criminal reform is order then so be it. In the interim, cut and pasted videos of folks walking down the street admist some hellos will do little to unveil what really is going on on these mean streets.

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